Wiring a Plug

Wiring a plug is very simple and is just a matter of memorising which colours go where. In this brief tutorial we will deal with wiring a 3 prong plug to any appliance.

While some plugs have fuse's not all do, this won't make a difference to how you wire the plug. It is simply a safty feature of some plugs. Generally found in "square" pin plugs.

1. Open the plug by either unscrewing the screw on the base (generally a star / phillips head) or unclipping the plug if it is a clip plug.

2. Once the plug is open you will see 3 smaller screws, you can undo these screws enough for the cable to be placed inside.

3. Strip the protective shielding on the cable to show the inside smaller cables. (You should now see a brown, blue and a yellow & green (combined))

4. Remove a section off the top of the 3 cables to expose the copper wire, enough copper wire needs to be exposed to place through the small holes where the screws we loosened earlier.

5. You will now place the cables in the necessary holes and tighten the screws to hold them in place.

The configuration of the plug should be as follows:

How to wire a plug

Blue: Bottom Left (Neutral)
Brown: Bottom Right (Positive)
Yellow & Green: Top Middle (Earth)